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How much does it cost to rent a coach in 2023?

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A very common question among our readers is how much does it cost to rent a bus. When you are going to hire a coach service for the first time, it is convenient to know that the rental price will fluctuate depending on a series of variables. Therefore, when requesting a quote, it is likely that the transport company will ask about certain aspects of the journey.

The coach companies we need to know the details of the travel plan so that we can calculate our basic costs and from there formulate a proposal for the client. The variables that will determine these costs are the following:

Factors that determine the rental price of a coach:

Number and size of coaches that will be needed

The number and size of coaches will depend, fundamentally, on the number of passengers to be transported. When requesting a quote, it is advisable to know in advance how many people will travel by bus. With this information, we will inform you of the type and size of vehicles that are best suited to your needs. An extra person could mean that you are forced to hire a coach with more seats or even a second coach.

On the other hand, the journey to be made can also condition the combination of vehicles to be hired. For example, on itineraries that will require driving through the historic quarters of urban areas, the small size of the streets may prevent the use of large coaches, and require the hiring of several minibuses.

route and distance

Fuel costs for the trip depend on the distance to be covered.

Service duration

Service duration is typically made up of two elements: driving time and waiting time. For point-to-point trips with private driver service, driving time is calculated from the time the bus leaves the pickup location until it returns.

In cases of services in which a group is visiting several places with different stops, how much it costs to rent a bus will also be determined by the driver's waiting time between stops.

Lastly, in the case of long trips lasting several days, the cost will also include rest time for the driver to sleep away from home.

The cost applied will depend on the duration of the service, the day of the week and the time of day. It will not be the same if the service is on Sunday or holidays, as if it is on a working day; or if it is a night service instead of a day service.

The duration of the service can also determine the number of drivers that will be required. Spanish legislation regulates the maximum driving and rest times for bus drivers. If the tour covers long distances that exceed 9 hours of driving or has programs that may exceed 13 hours of availability, it will be mandatory to have a second driver.

additional costs

During the road passenger transport service, there are usually additional costs such as highway tolls, parking expenses and per diems and meals for the driver, which must be computed. These will be determined by the itinerary that is planned.

Other factors that determine the price

Minimum fee

Coach rental companies have a minimal service fee. Thus, if a high number of hours but few kilometers are contracted, a minimum number of kilometers will be applied, proportional to the hours contracted.

Seasonality and dates

As in other economic activities, in the road passenger transport sector there are periods of greater and lesser volume of work. How much it costs to rent a bus can fluctuate depending on whether the contracted service is in high or low season, or even if it is rush hour or valley, of the place where it is contracted.

Vehicle size and type

There are understandable differences in price between renting a 54-seater or a 19-seater coach. And then if you add services such as the bathroom, accessible systems for people with reduced mobility, free Wi-Fi, entertainment systems, it can also vary.

Advance reservation

Making the reservation in advance, in addition to facilitating the availability of vehicles, can lead to certain discounts.

So how much does it really cost to rent a coach?

As you have seen, many variables influence the cost of renting a coach, but you can be sure of one thing, and that is that at Tabor Group we offer the best value for money for it, and you can ask us for a free quote without any kind of commitment, so don't wait any longer and find out exactly how much it costs to rent a coach for your specific needs.