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About us

Tabor Group is a family business that thanks to the experience, disposition, improvement and learning of our human resources, has allowed us to turn it into a large business group.

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Tabor Group offers the best technologies for the transport of passengers by road.

We have a clear objective: the attention, safety and comfort of our customers.

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We have a close human team in continuous training to be up to the circumstances that our clients require. Attention, resolution, responsibility and proactivity characterize our team, capable of solving any incident, doubt or need that our clients require. 

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At Tabor Group our team follows exhaustive training protocols:

– Vehicle operation and control systems.
–   Ability and reaction to mechanical and logistics problems.
– Customer service and treatment.

Our staff take multiple choice exams (more than 100 questions) and practical tests before joining the company.

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characterizes us

We comply with the strictest directive Europe in terms of ecological engines. All the vehicles in our fleet comply with the regulations EURO 6 types C and D thus achieving a sustainable permanent fleet.

Comfort, luxury and security are our hallmarks incorporating Premium equipment in all vehicles.

Our team is in continuous and permanent training with a high level of preparation that allows us to give a safe, comfortable and responsible service in the execution of the logistics of any local, national and European service.



More of 90.000 Transfers to all of Spain guarantee us.

National scope


More than 47,000 successful transfers to Europe.

European transfers


In our more than 50 years traveling throughout Europe.

Travelers transported


We are one of the most experienced companies in the sector.

Years of experience



In Tabor Group we thoroughly study the logistics of all services, both in Spain and in Europe.

We are decisive, fast and proactive, always anticipating any future management that may occur, thus avoiding future logistics incidents. We have a 24 hour service for any doubt or incident that may arise to the client; counting on three traffic shifts in the morning, afternoon and night, thus offering tranquility and confidence to the clients.

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