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Practical guide to bus rental for congresses

transporte corporativo

When renting a bus for congresses, many questions arise, since transport is an essential role in the organization of any business event.

The rental of buses for congresses is essential for speakers, guests and national or foreign partners; but coordinating the arrival of the flights, the transfers and the subsequent place of celebration is not an easy task. At Tabor Group, we are aware that small details make a difference, which is why we have prepared an essential practical guide when planning such work.

Advantages of private transport for congresses

Puntuality: Guests will arrive at the correct destination on time, without having to worry about traffic or long waits. There is no better way to ensure that the conference starts on time than ensuring that all (or most) of the attendees arrive on time. To achieve this, the buses will be your best allies.

Take advantage of the journey: In the case of events, fairs and congresses, attendees will be able to take advantage of the bus journeys to rest, enjoy the views, review the presentations or watch a corporate/informative video about the company.

Improve the brand image of your company: Offering this type of service shows that your company cares about the well-being of its clients or guests. In addition, renting a bus is a very good way to add extra value to any event, so attendees will value this positively, and your brand as well.

Comfort: When our guests or speakers come from another city and do not know the place where the congress is held, having a bus that picks them up from the AVE, train, bus or plane stop makes things much easier for them. In this way they will save taking a taxi or getting lost in the city.

know the destination: It is a perfect opportunity for attendees who come from outside the place where the congress is held to get to know the most emblematic places in the city. Excursions are another of our specialties, so take advantage and request information on city tours through our website.

Practical guide to bus rental for congresses

Before contacting a coach rental company…

Knowing the following information will make it easier for us to send the budget adjusted to your needs:

  • Number of travelers: In this way we can calculate the size and number of buses needed for the congress. In addition, it is recommended to know if the same vehicles will be needed to finish it.
  • Mobility needs: We must define the collection points, transfers and places of completion of the trip.
  • Hours of vehicle disposal: From Tabor Group, we have to know the number of hours you need the vehicle, to be able to advise you and send you the budget that best suits your needs.

From Tabor Group, we are specialized in bus rental for congresses and conferences nationally and internationally. Our fleet of luxury vehicles is perfect for your event, thanks to the availability of different capacities, depending on your needs. Don't hesitate any longer and ask Tabor Group for a quote.